2018 Grantees


2018 Partner Organizations and Affiliates


LexArts FY18 General Operating Support Partners


                Carnegie Literacy Center, Inc -$12,000

                Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra- $30,000

                Lexington Art League- $50,000

                Lexington Children's Theatre- $125,000

                Lexington Philharmonic Society, Inc- $170,000

                Living Arts & Science Center- $108,000


 LexArts FY18 Community Arts Development Grants

 African American Forum- $3,000

The Lexus Smooth Jazz Fest, now in its tenth year, celebrates contemporary American Jazz, complemented by fine cuisine and Kentucky culture.


Allegro Dance- $1,000

The production “In Our Element” is a contemporary dance exploration of the elements air, water, earth, and fire, including three new choreographic works, outreach performance opportunities, and dance classes for special needs participants.


Artemis Initiative Katsina Bronze Sculpture: Honoring Women and Nature- $1,250

Katsina, a life-size bronze dyad sculpture, will have a central, permanent place of honor at the public, award-winning Lexington Women's Garden


Athens West Theatre Company- $1,500

Athens West will present Equivocation by Bill Cain, a production of Cain's timely and thought-provoking play about truth, art, propaganda, and artistic courage.


Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society- $500

BIACS will sponsor a variety of cultural and artistic events working with Global Lex and other partners to highlight the unique culture of India.


Bluegrass Opera- $1,500

Bluegrass Opera will present a new musical, Daisy's Duffel Bag.


Bluegrass Youth Ballet- $3,000

Bluegrass Youth Ballet Valley Park Outreach Project introduces the art of ballet in a bilingual setting to underserved youth in the heart of Lexington’s Latino community.


Casa de la Cultura- $1,500

The Youth Mariachi Ensemble offers eight free months of after-school mariachi lessons and performances at various festivals to up to fifteen youth, ages 12-18, in support of the development of minority talent.


Central Music Academy- $7,500

The Central Music Academy provides free private lessons for all instruments and all levels of learning, as well as group Bluegrass and steel band classes, to 135 low-income youth in Fayette County.


Chamber Music Festival- $6,500

The Chamber Music Festival of Lexington is a ten-day music festival featuring concerts, pop-up events, and educational programming with renowned and emerging artists.


Arwen Donahue- $750

The multimedia traveling exhibit “Rooted Words: Kentucky Writers on the Land” combines painting and oral interviews to explore the relationship between language and land in the work of fifteen Kentucky writers, including Wendell Berry and Barbara Kingsolver.


Gary Fisher- $1,500

Pan in Lex will provide steel pan performances at city-wide festivals, as well as communities for first responders and seniors, educating audiences on the history and uniqueness of the steel pan.


Harstad Fine Arts- $750

The Harstad Fine Arts Series is a concert season consisting of three world-class performances with accompanying educational outreach projects and a visual arts exhibit, all provided with free admission.


Richie Hoagland and Dmitry Strakovsky- $1,000

Hoagland and Strkovsky will present Virtual Realities, a series of public installations and performances exploring how emerging technology changes how we interact, communicate, and play.


Innovations Arts Academy- $1,000

The Lexington Children’s Festival, an annual outdoor event designed to celebrate and promote children’s arts programming, will present James and the Giant Peach with a cast consisting solely of students.


Institute 193- $3,000

Institute 193 produces a series of exhibitions highlighting the work of contemporary Southern artists, with an emphasis on artists from Kentucky.


Kentuckian Chorus- $1,500

The Kentucky Youth in Harmony Project (YIH) aims to help choral music thrive in Kentucky through a one-day barbershop vocal workshop for young men. The workshop includes sectional rehearsals, singing contests, and a public concert.


Kentucky Ballet- $5,500

Kentucky Ballet Theatre produces a full performance season of professional ballet in Lexington.


Christine Kuhn- $1,500

This project will assemble two professional artists, community members, and students to create a 3D mural of Frederick Douglass at the new Douglass High School in Fayette County, engaging participants in dialogue about race, history, culture, and symbols.


Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association- $1,250

KITA will present the Language Access Film Series, a series of eight films focused on increasing the awareness of the need for trained and qualified interpreters for the deaf and internationals.



Kentucky Women Writers’ Conference- $7,000

The 39th annual Kentucky Women Writers Conference features year-round readings, book discussions, and writing contests culminating in a four-day literary festival with workshops, craft talks, and publishing seminars.


KYuke- $750

The KYuke Youthfest aims to bring local youth and visiting musicians together to celebrate and enjoy the ukulele and its local community by hosting workshops, school assemblies, and performances.


Lexington Ballet Company- $6,000

Lexington Ballet Company performs four ballet productions and provides outreach programs for each: A Night with Leonard Bernstein, The Nutcracker, My Fair Lady, and The Jungle Book.


Lexington Chamber Chorale- $5,000

The Lexington Chamber Chorale’s 2017-2018 season will present four subscription concerts and a chorale collaboration with the Lexington Philharmonic, A Cathedral Christmas: Song of the Nativity.


Lexington Community Radio- $1,000

The LCR Spanish Language Local Art Accessibility Project provides English and Spanish-Language radio and online programming to inform Lexington’s Hispanic community about LexArts programs and events.


Lexington Singers- $6,000

Currently in its 58th season, The Lexington Singers provides choral music opportunities to over 300 singers each year, ranging in age from five to eighty-five.


Lexington Theatre Company-$1,500

The Lexington Theatre Company’s 2017 season will feature one production, Legally Blonde, at the Lexington Opera House.


Lyric Theatre- $3,000

The project “e5: an exploration of the arts crowned in excellence” aims to celebrate art and culture inspired by the African-American experience. The program includes a summer film series, various youth and school programs, theatre and multicultural festivals, and visual arts exhibits. 


Allison May- $750

The collaborative art project “Ava Lucille: The Archive A Document of Courage” will present two large-scale installations inspired by the artist’s experience with her young daughter’s cancer treatment.


Namhee Lim- $1,500

“Quality Music for Young Children: Early Childhood Community Music Education” aims to improve the quality of musical experiences of Lexington youth through a site-based collaboration with music education specialists, guest musicians, and teachers.


The Nest- $1,000

The art project “Breaking the Silence” presents ten portraits of LGBTQ+ teenagers in an exhibit, as well as a panel where the featured LGBTQ+ youth will share and discuss their experiences.


Nicjo Productions- $1,500

The Sunday Night Live Clean Comedy Show, the sixth in a series since May 2015, features a night of clean comedy, music, special presentations, and acknowledgment of entrepreneurs.


The Plantory- $1,000

The Plantory’s Neighborhood Art Project is an Artist-in-Residence project that will engage community participants in civic art through the creation of kinetic data sculptures.


7th Annual PRHBTN Street Art Festival- $1,000

PRHBTN brings national and international street artists to create large-scale public murals in Lexington. The festival also includes a no-commission gallery at the Loudoun House for regional and local artists.


Camilo Quintana- $1,000

Latino Blend 2017 is an art exhibition reflecting the talent of Hispanic artists living in Lexington and central Kentucky.


RunJumpDev- $750

Rules and Play 2017 is a two-month long exhibition showcasing the interactive installations of local game designers, installation artists, and software developers.


UK Art Museum- $1,000

The UK Art Museum will present a one-day multimedia art exhibition at the Moontower Music Festival, as part of a series of pop-up exhibitions designed to reach audiences in unique contexts.


Via Creative- $1,250

Via Creative will coordinate construction of another public art bus shelter, the Gateway Bus Stop. Via Creative strives to make Lexington a more vibrant, liveable city by fusing public art, transit and spaces, to also include attention to the needs of walkers and bike riders.