2018 Fund for the Arts Campaign

2018 Fund for the Arts Campaign

Around here, art is everywhere.
Because of you, art is out there doing the magical things art does – opening eyes, minds and hearts, waking up our senses, adding richness, texture and vibrancy to our everyday lives.
And art does more than just drive personal growth – it powers economic prosperity as well.  The stroke of a brush on canvas, an actor crossing a stage, the sweep of a musician’s bow, are all actions that create a ripple effect through our entire economy, benefiting not only creator and consumer, but just about everyone.
Simply expressed, art everywhere is our goal, our mission and our passion.
Thank you for believing in the arts and expressing your belief through generous and tangible support.  Because of you, LexArts is able, year after year, to support the work of local artists and arts organizations big and small.
Every gift is important. Please make yours today.


LexArts strengthens central Kentucky arts organizations through general operating support, program and project grants, and below-market rates on office, rehearsal, performance, and studio space. We're also behind the LexArts HOP, LexArts on Mill, Arts Showcase Weekend, Lexington Youth Arts Council, the Lexington Mural Project and more. Art is responsible for nearly $32 million in living wages to nearly 1,200 full-time people. Our programs entertain almost 500,000 residents and visitors every year, and the education initiatives of our partner organizations engage and educate over 225,000 children...many of them for free.

LexArts is an incubator of arts innovation, a steward of your philanthropic generosity, and an advocate for the economic and cultural well-being of central Kentucky. For over 40 years. An investment in LexArts is an investment in Lexington. Please give generously.