2019 Fund for the Arts Campaign

2019 Fund for the Arts Campaign

LexArts’ work is to help art be made and make its way into the world. Because of the inspired work of artists and arts organizations that are supported or enabled by the Fund for the Arts, there’s world class art just about everywhere in our community.


Art does more than just increase quality of life. Art inspires learning and innovative thinking, instills confidence and collaboration, promotes a healthy social environment and a robust economic environment, and attracts talent that our community requires to be competitive.


When art is everywhere, good things happen for everyone — like supporting 1,185 full-time jobs, allowing 22O,OOO children to attend educational arts events, providing an arts experience to millions of people who spend $16 million locally and deliver $3.2 million in city and state taxes.


Your generosity enables us to support the artists and arts groups to do what we all believe — that when art is out there working its magic, lives are enriched and entire communities rise and shine.


Every penny of your fully tax deductible donation helps get art out in the world where it makes a world of difference.


LexArts strengthens central Kentucky arts organizations through general operating support, program and project grants, and below-market rates on office, rehearsal, performance, and studio space. We're also behind the LexArts HOP, LexArts on Mill, Arts Showcase Weekend, Lexington Youth Arts Council, the Lexington Mural Project and more. Art is responsible for nearly $32 million in living wages to nearly 1,200 full-time people. Our programs entertain almost 500,000 residents and visitors every year, and the education initiatives of our partner organizations engage and educate over 225,000 children...many of them for free.

LexArts is an incubator of arts innovation, a steward of your philanthropic generosity, and an advocate for the economic and cultural well-being of central Kentucky. For over 40 years. An investment in LexArts is an investment in Lexington. Please give generously.