ARTy pARTies

Over $150,000 raised to support the arts!


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“Let’s have a party. Let’s have it tonight!”

said Lilly Pulitzer, a gal reputed to have graced

a gala or two in her day.


Better yet, let’s have many parties.

And have them on many nights.

Parties that raise the bar for parties

And while they’re at it, raise money for the arts.

Serious money, not cocktail peanuts.

To the tune of $150,000 in the last three years.


Your demand for our dos has inspired us to

outdo ourselves. We’ve challenged the

most creative party goers and throwers 

we know to dream up Arty Parties they’d

want to be invited to.


Which they did:  from period-perfect Regency

Supper to political salon, from ballet en plein air

to drag by the pool, from cocktails in the sky to

brunch with Silas House and much, much more.


The good news is there’s likely to be at least one

Arty Party that pops your particular cork. 

The not so good news is that guest lists are limited.


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