ARTy pARTies



Dear ARTy pARTy Friend,

Thanks for coming this far! Here's the scoop.....


· We'd like for YOU to host a pARTy in your home, at your lake house, by the pool, down on the farm, in a gallery, up on the roof, amidst the roses, at the club, at the game, in a disco, at a distillery, in a stall, or simply in the corner of your favorite watering hole sometime between now and October 28


· And get creative with your pARTy: dinners, brunches, happy hours, lunches, suppers, high teas, cocktails, tapas, pig roasts, weenie roasts, fondues and raclettes, and oh so many more gustatory and entertaining extravaganzas...you know how to do this stuff!


· Decide how much your party will cost each guest to attend and the number of guests.


· Each pARTy Host pledges to raise a minimum of $1,000 to benefit LexArts.


·  $1,000? But how? We’ll do the math...just consider: $25 x 40 guests...$50 x 20 guests...$100 x 10 guests...$100 x 20 guests...Wait, that last one is $2,000...it's way over the goal! No it's not! We know that many of the ARTy pARTies will raise much more than the $1,000 minimum. Don't be shy, throw an over the top pARTy and ask your guests to pony up in a big way! Your pARTy = Your way!


· Each guest will make their check payable to LexArts and will receive an IRS acknowledgement from LexArts for the full donation amount. And even better, the host will also be able to deduct the full cost of the party as an in-kind donation to LexArts. You might want to keep those receipts...it's up to you to determine the amount.


· And something way cool...give us the theme and details for your pARTy and we'll create your personal invitation & an evite, too! You just send it off to your guests and collect their donation upon arrival to your pARTy.


· Our goal is to have 50, 80, even 100 ARTy pARTies, which will bring more art to more people!


· Please join us as a pARTy Host! Simply complete your ARTy pARTy profile by clicking on the MY ARTY PARTY PROFILE link at the top left

Thank you in advance for putting on your party hat and supporting the arts in Lexington!!