Business Volunteers for the Arts


Business Volunteers for the Arts

LexArts Engages Emerging Leaders Through
Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA)

LexArts’ new Business Volunteers for the Arts program is designed to engage employees in the business community through the arts. LexArts is now recruiting and training experienced business  professionals to serve in a pro bono consulting capacity to small- to medium-sized nonprofit arts organizations with specific business challenges.

Giving back in business means putting your skills to work purposefully and with passion.
LexArts’ BVA program matches a volunteer with a local arts organization based on the type of organization and the expertise or skill set required. The BVA works on a specific, and time-limited, project with the arts organization.

Harness your skills and make a difference.

Business professionals who participate in the program expand their skills and networks while lending much-needed and valued support to our arts and cultural community. To qualify, the prospective volunteer must have a minimum of five years of professional managerial experience. Successful candidates will have a strong interest in the arts and community engagement, and should be willing to commit five to ten hours per month for a period of three to six months.

What is the benefit to the arts organization?

The organization has an opportunity to connect with a business professional on a project basis to utilize specialized skills that the organizations do not have access to, either through staffing limitations or its size and/or structure.

What is the benefit to the volunteer?

Being a volunteer in the BVA program is an opportunity for business professionals to enhance their skills, gain leadership experience, network, and engage with local arts organizations while using their expertise to enhance the organization.

Immediate Need for Volunteers:
1. BOARD DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT - Statewide arts organization dedicated to Arts and Crafts History is in need of assistance in Board Development.
2. BUSINESS PLANNING - Local youth arts program focused on East End of Lexington is in need of business planning professional to assist in developing a sustainability plan to grow the organization into an organization that delivers
programs year-round.

Building a Volunteer Registry
LexArts is seeking volunteers to build a registry of BVA consultants to engage in future pairings with nonprofit arts groups. If you are interested in participating in the BVA program and are experienced in the following areas, please apply using the forms below.

Strategic Business                             Planning                              Program Planning
Information Technology                     Marketing                             Communications
Public Relations                                 Accounting                           Finance
Human Resources                            Board Development           Fundraising


Apply here:


BVA Nonprofit Application


BVA Volunteer Application