Public Art

Lexington Mural Project

2017 Lexington Mural Project

Man O' War Mural Celebrating Man O' War's 100th Birthday by Agustin Zarate


Henry Clay Mural at the Phoenix Building by Casey McKinney


Dunbar History Mural by Christine Kuhn

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2016 Lexington Mural Project

Alexandria Dr Kroger Mural painted by Michelle Newby Armstrong and Debbie Eller

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2015 Lexington Mural Project

Louis Armstron mural by Oedith on the Lightouse Ministries building


HitNes Turkey mural on the city parking structure on Broadway between Main and Short

2014 Lexington Mural Project

The SHARE Center on Georgetown Street

2013 Lexington Mural Project

Know Your History. Then Make History.  Mural by Sundiata Rashid completed in October 2013

Lexington Market: East End



2012 Lexington Mural Project

Herekut Mural on Market Street


Herekut Mural on North Limestone


2011 Lexington Mural Project

LexArts has joined forces with three local businesses to transform blank walls into works of art for the benefit of the entire Lexington community.

Artists were asked to create unique artworks for Saul Good Restaurant and bar, at the Hamburg Pavilion, the Lexington Legends at Whitaker Ballpark and the Hurst Group at Elm Tree Lane and Short Street.   These three murals have expanded LexArts’ mural collection previously created with three neighborhood associations.

Saul Good at Hamburg by artist Jeff Schaller completed in August 2011:



Whitaker Bank Ballpark mural by artist Esteban Camacho Steffensen completed in July 2011:


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 Hurst Group mural by artist Char Downs:





2008 Lexington Mural Project


Michael Burrell's mural at Al's Bar on North Limestone.
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LexArts, in partnership with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, has launched the Lexington Mural Project (LMP).  LMP is a collaborative initiative between neighborhoods, business people, civic leaders and artists to enhance the beauty of Lexington by creating public outdoor murals.

Waseem Touma's mural on the Vine Street Side of the High Street YMCA.
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The goal of LMP was to create three community-inspired murals in 2008 which will launch  a multi-year initiative to transform blank walls into works of art.  The murals will not only beautify our community, they will reflect our city's unique and colorful history while celebrating the character of our neighborhoods.

Michael Burrell's mural at 527 Southland Drive.
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The four confirmed sites that were selected for the first round of murals are Al's Bar, 601 North Limestone, in collaboration with the North Limestone Neighborhood Association; 527 Southland Drive in collaboration with the Southland Association; a wall downtown on Vine Street near Qualilty Street, the back wall of the High Street YMCA, in collaboration with the YMCA; and the LexTran fuel and Wash Facility on Loudon Avenue, in collaboration with LexTran.


Mike and Jenny Lucketts' mural on the LexTran Fuel and Wash Facility on Loudon Ave.
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The original LMP Committee included Marianne Blodgett, Administrative Aide to the Mayor, Community Relations; Julie Decker, Chairperson, Georgetown College Art Department; Chuck Ellinger and Linda Gorton, Urban County Council Members; Jim Gray, Vice-Mayor, Urban County Council; Ellen Gregory, Chief Operating Officer, Preston Osborne; Pam Seimer, Executive Vice President, United Way; Darren Taylor, Architect, GBBN; and Harold Tate, President/Executive Director, Lexington Downtown Development Authority.

LexArts organized meetings between the neighborhood group and artist to determine the scope of the project, composition and the level of community participation.  Artists then completed proposals based on the conversations with the neighborhood group.  Each neighborhood group chose the proposal to commission for their site.  Applications not selected for the 2008 LMP were placed on a waiting list and considered for future murals. 

LexArts is currently accepting artist and site applications for potential murals. Contact Nathan Zamarron to recieve an application.