Immersion – Travis Adams

The impetus for Immersion is twofold—a new direction within my current sculpture series and an expression of my experience in recently joining the Lexington, KY community. This body of work invites the viewer to visually move in and through each object and observe the spatial relationships involved within the forms. The robust color, line, and fluid form reflect the excitement and adaptations involved in immersing oneself into a new community and launching into new life. As an extension of my current series, each piece captures the four distinguishing Tang dynasty qualities of Gongshi: thinness (shòu), openness (tòu), perforations (lòu), and wrinkling (zhòu).

The introduction of unique glass color and patterning techniques challenges viewers to examine the relationship between overall form and internal detail. Perhaps one may question in what way the patterns and color interactions inform the object and vice versa. This in turn offers space for a larger examination of one’s own confluence with the environment around them. True to the original Gongshi (Chinese scholars’ rocks) one may treat each piece as a microcosmic examination of their own existence. With that, I am incredibly grateful to share this body of work with my new home community and look forward to further immersing myself into the richness of this new environment.


Mar 17 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm



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LexArts Gallery
161 N Mill, Lexington KY
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