Exhibit Title
Art By Nature: Right Tree Right Place
Exhibit Description
The 2021 Art By Nature gallery will be held in the Julietta Market (101 W. Loudon Avenue). The exhibit is focused on trees, featuring 23 trees from around Fayette County. The gallery features 69 pieces of work from 38 Lexington artists. Different species of trees do well in different types of environments. Planted in the right place, a tree can thrive for a lifetime. Soil moisture, utility lines, pollution levels and space constraints are some of the factors that contribute to whether a tree will do well in a particular location. The purpose of this Art by Nature showcase is to highlight the importance of "right tree, right place" and to inspire Fayette County residents to take these guidelines into consideration when planting their own trees.
Company / Organization
Julietta Market
Venue Description
Julietta Market is a 13,000 square foot year-round multivendor public market in the heart of the historic Southeast Greyhound Building. Julietta Market is a non-profit focused on incubating small minority owned businesses with goals of one day having their own brick and mortar.
101 W. Loudon Ave
Suite 150
Hours of Operation
Thurs-Sat. 10am to 7pm Sun 12pm-6pm
Supporting Art Venues participating in the 2021 LexArts HOP.