In the meantime, we began to wonder how we could leverage this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (or so we thought!) to support the arts? How could we engage the creativity of local Lexington artists?


Once bottled, our creativity began to sparkle, and our thoughts turned to potential. When Maker’s Mark emptied its first barrels in 1958, it was their co-founder Margie Samuels, with an artful eye, who created the design of the bottle, including their signature hand-dipped red wax seal. There must be a connection. In a nod to Margie’s creativity and artful inspiration, we decided that Kentucky artists would transform full bottles of Maker’s Mark Private Selection into unique works of art!


LexArts then issued a call for art and selected a group of 100 local artists to paint two bottles each. The resulting 200 painted, decorated, re-imagined and adorned bottles were unveiled on the inaugural Whisky Wall of Wonder at the LexArts 50th Anniversary Celebration on December 2, 2022, in the spectacular Sales Pavilion at Keeneland Race Course.


Of those new works of art, one hundred were made available for sale that evening in one of the most creative events we’ve ever hosted. In addition to celebrating the third installment of Horse Mania (more info here) and our 50th anniversary, the inaugural Whisky Wall of Wonder was born. One hundred Golden Tickets were offered at $500 each to guests of the event. The excitement was palpable as, one by one, each Golden Ticket holder was called to pick their favorite bottle from the Whisky Wall of Wonder. Shouts of joy and squeals of delight rose through the crowd as each Golden Ticket holder claimed their treasure.


Not to be eclipsed by the Whisky Wall of Wonder, the remaining cohort of bottles was offered in an online auction, allowing those unable to attend the signature event an opportunity to claim their very own piece of LexArts and Maker’s Mark history.

Witness the excitement of LexArts’ Whisky Wall of Wonder 1.0!

Video compliments of Gray Forest Garage