We believe that the arts are hot stuff. 



We know what a rare gift it is to live and work and raise our families in a town so charged with creative energy.


A town where sizzling hot live music, theater and dance are always on offer, where the visual and literary arts thrive, where streets and walls and parks are illuminated with murals, sculptures and installations for the pleasure and enrichment of all.


A town through which art spreads like wildfire, opening our eyes, minds, and hearts, waking up our senses, illuminating our everyday lives, encouraging us to appreciate the gifted artists working in our midst –and inspiring us to find our own voices, to explore and express our own creativity. 


And art, as we know, doesn’t just spark personal growth – it’s a surefire catalyst of economic prosperity as well.  The stroke of a brush on canvas, an actor crossing a stage, a dancer defying gravity, the sweep of a musician’s bow – these actions are like the striking of a match – sending heat and light through our entire economy.


LexArts has been fired up about art for over 50 years.  Sparking art is our goal and our mission but we can’t do it alone. It takes a theater full of true believers like you to fan the flames and keep the fire ablaze in our community.


Please make your gift to the arts today!

Pacesetters are major public, corporate, and foundation donors who, by making an early commitment to LexArts annual Fund for the Arts campaign, set the pace for success. Interested in being a fundraising front-runner? Contact our Director of Major Gifts Di Boyer, who will be happy to get you on track.


GOLD SPONSORS – $10,000 – $19,999

SILVER SPONSORS – $5,000 – $9,999