LexArts seeks partnerships with new and diverse artists and organizations. Funding is available for projects that engage diverse artists and audiences.

As part of our efforts to advance diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, LexArts seeks to strengthen and build the capacity of organizations that promote the arts and cultures of communities of color and to provide meaningful creative opportunities for artists of color, as well as, programs, projects, and ideas that are doing important work that benefit traditionally underserved communities.



LexArts utilizes the core value tools provided by the Kentucky Arts Council

Diversity, as understood by the arts council, should promote positive relationships among the state’s various communities and provide equitable arts program delivery to marginalized communities, including, but never limited to: people of minority ethnic and racial groups; people with disabilities; geographically or economically isolated communities; disadvantaged and at-risk people; older adults; institutionalized people; women; and the LGBTQIA+ communities.


If you have questions concerning the Arts Equity Grant program,

please email Kay’mon Murrah at





LexArts does not require a match for Arts Equity Grants; however, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek additional funding. Additional funding demonstrates the organization’s commitment to completing the proposed program. It also illustrates that the project is well-received by the community (e.g., individuals, community organizations, and businesses).




  1. Review the FY24 Arts Equity Grants Guidelines and application.

All applicants are encouraged to contact Kay’mon Murrah at for technical assistance.


HELPFUL TIPS: Give yourself ample time to plan, write, re-write, and review the application with the LexArts Community Arts Services staff. This includes developing the application, gathering artistic documentation, and all supplemental materials. The application process will require the dedicated efforts of one or two individuals in your organization.


  • Attend a LexArts grants workshop and if so desired, schedule a one-on-one consultation for additional
  • Write the application narrative sections in a Word document and then cut and paste them into the online application.
  • Format the narrative to be reader-friendly (e.g., space between paragraphs, and bullets, if space permits).
  • Check and double-check your application for spelling and grammatical
  • Have a reader not familiar with this grant application review it for content, clarity, and other
  • Submit your application days before the submission deadline as technology challenges are possible and input errors more often when applicants are
  • When preparing the application, save as you go. JotForm may not auto-save  your progress, and please be aware that the program may time


  1. Create a detailed budget for the program. (Budget Tips and Definitions)


  1. Applicants can submit applications year-round. All materials must be uploaded through the online web form at LexArts will not accept applications submitted via hard copy, email, or fax.

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Arts Equity Grant Recipients



Black Yarn, Inc

Mecca A Live Studio Gallery
Ziva Voices
Hoffman Senior Arts Project
Lexington Opera House
Uniting Voices Lexington
Roots & Reels – Jamari Turner
Artruism Inc
Allegro Dance Project
Kjam Collective
Distorted Mess Fest
“Artistic Hands Shaping A New Society” AHSANS
Don Ament
Julietta Market – Bryce Oquaye & Dishueme-Bangudi Exhibit
Marco Logsdon