Arts in Schools Impact Grants


LexArts has launched a new initiative to subsidize the cost of engaging arts organizations and bringing more arts programming to Fayette County Public Schools.


LexArts envisions a healthy and vibrant community where all students are engaged and empowered through excellent arts education. Arts education is vital to developing America’s next generation of creative and innovative thinkers. LexArts Arts in Schools Impact Grants-funded programs demonstrate LexArts’ commitment to supporting students, teachers, and learning throughout our community. This funding is focused on providing arts education for all students and closing the opportunity gap for students for whom a high-quality arts education is so often out of reach.


In 2022, LexArts launched a fundraising initiative coinciding with Horse Play, the popular spinoff of Horse Mania. Initially, the painted and adorned foals and horses of Horse Play were to be auctioned at the end of the months-long public art project to support arts education. However, the students and teachers made an earnest appeal to return all the foals and horses back to their original schools. To replace the auction proceeds, a grassroots Fund for the Foals. Those proceeds are now earmarked for Arts in Schools Impact Grant funding that will deepen the arts learning experience for students in all Fayette County Public Schools.


• Arts in Schools Impact Grants target public and private schools with low-level funding for the arts.
• Approved programming will supply funding for all pre-K-12 students, teachers, and administrators.
• Art project requests may be in any artistic discipline.
• Applicants may request a cost-share grant of up to 50% of the chosen arts organization’s program invoice.
• Arts project requests will engage local arts organizations provided by the Arts Everywhere for Students – A Teachers Guide.




LexArts requires a match for the Arts in Schools Impact Grants and applicants are strongly encouraged to seek additional funding. Additional funding demonstrates the organization’s commitment to completing the proposed program. It also illustrates that the project is well-received by the community (e.g., individuals, community organizations, and businesses).



1. Review the FY24 Arts in Schools Impact Grants Guidelines and application.

All applicants are encouraged to contact LexArts at Kay’mon Murrah at for technical assistance.


HELPFUL TIPS: Give yourself ample time to plan, write, re-write, and review the application with LexArts Community Arts Services staff. This includes developing the application, gathering artistic documentation, and all supplemental materials. The application process will require the dedicated efforts of one or two individuals in your organization.


  • Attend a LexArts grants workshop and if so desired, schedule a one-on-one consultation for additional
  • Write the application narrative sections in a Word document and then cut and paste into the online application.
  • Format the narrative so that it is reader-friendly (e.g., space between paragraphs, bullets, if space permits).
  • Check and double-check your application for spelling and grammatical
  • Have a reader not familiar with this grant application review it for content, clarity, and other
  • Submit your application days before the submission deadline as technology challenges are possible and input errors more often when applicants are rushed.
  • When preparing the application save as you go. JotForm may not auto-save  your progress, and please be aware that the program may time


2. Reach out to your local arts organization listed in the Arts Everywhere for Students – A Teachers Guide to create a tailored arts program proposal for your school.


3. Create a detailed budget for the program. (Budget Tips and Definitions)


4. The local arts organizations must submit a shared (matched) cost invoice for 50% of their normal cost to be reviewed for program funding. (If approved, LexArts will award grant funding to the partnered arts organization.)


5. Applicants can submit applications year-round. All materials must be uploaded through the online web form at LexArts will not accept applications submitted via hard copy, email, or fax.