LexArts is greater Lexington’s premier cultural development, advocacy and fund raising organization. As both the area Arts Council and Arts Fund, LexArts provides a wide range of programs and services to integrate the arts into our community. Through its annual Fund for the Arts, LexArts raises millions of dollars in support of it’s Beneficiary Groups, and offers competitive special project and programming grants to various artists and arts organizations in the area.


As a recognized name in the community, LexArts continually works to maintain a positive brand and foster a sense of affiliation with our various audiences. In order to manage its visual identity, this manual has been provided to ensure the LexArts logo is applied consistently and thoughtfully across all media.

Contact and File Distribution

Please feel free to contact LexArts Vice President of Advancement Maury Sparrow at 859.255.2951 x120 for any clarification of the standards outlined in this manual and access to the logo files.

LexArts Brand Identity Funding Credit Guidelines

Funding Credit Guidelines

LexArts is proud to provide significant financial support to Lexington’s arts community. Both artists and arts organizations benefit from the generous support of the City of Lexington and the many individuals and businesses that contribute each year to LexArts’ Fund for the Arts.


By acknowledging LexArts’ support of your project or program, you are letting our donors know that their tax dollars and contributions are being put to good use. This recognition helps us retain and expand our donor base. Every time the LexArts logo and credit line is used appropriately you will, in effect, help us raise even more money to support programs such as yours.



The logo and prescribed credit lines must be used on all printed materials, including event programs, calendars, catalogs, brochures, invitations, signs, posters, billboards and banners; print and TV advertising; marketing and promotional materials; newsletters (print and electronic); TV/Film program credits and websites with a hyperlink to the LexArts site:

Credit lines

In addition to the logo, it is important to also use the credit line so that your audience knows to what degree LexArts and the City of Lexington have supported the organization. A credit line must be included in all print materials. Additionally, credit must also be used in news releases; radio and newspaper interviews and certain speeches. Credit lines in all printed and electronic materials should be at least 8 point in size and used in one of the follow three type font families when possible: Avenir, Helvetica, or Times Roman.


General Operating Support Partners and Community Arts Development
Project or Program Grants:


“LexArts has provided funding support for (Partner/Project/Program) through its annual Fund for the Arts campaign.”

Oral Credit

LexArts must be verbally recognized during certain speeches before each event or performance if other organizations / sponsors are being recognized. Additionally, LexArts must be credited during radio advertisements and announcements; and television and radio interviews. The following statements are examples of how to recognize LexArts verbally:


(Name of Project/Program) is made possible by generous support provided by LexArts’ Fund for the Arts, which is funded in part by the City of Lexington.



Credit lines are exempt from postcards 5” x 7” or less and print advertising less than 12 column inches; the logo is not exempt.


Logos are exempt from news releases; radio advertisements and announcements; television, radio and newspaper interviews and certain speeches. While logos are exempt from these items, appropriate credit lines are required when artists, organizations, schools and other entities that receive LexArts funding use any of these communication methods.


If you or your organization do not acknowledge LexArts support, future funding may be jeopardized. Compliance with the requirements will be reviewed when you or your organization requests future support.


contact & file distribution

Please contact the LexArts Vice President of Advancement Maury Sparrow at 859.255.2951 x120 for any clarification of the standards outlined here.

LexArts Lexington Kentucky Art


Logo File Directory

The left column is a list of the final logo files supplied, while the right defines file names.

KEY for file names
Vert – Vertical stacked logo version


Horz – Horizontal logo version


CMYK – Full color logo for process or digital printing


BLK – Solid black logo


RGB – Color logo for digital/monitors


72 – Low resolution, 72dpi for monitor/TV use


300 – High resolution, 300 dpi for print use


EPS – High resolution vector file with no size limitation


JPEG – Flattened image with size limitation, background defaults to white


PNG – Flattened image with size limitation, no background color, smaller files size used for web

LexArts Logo Orientation


The LexArts corporate logo has two orientations — vertical and horizontal.


The use of one or the other will depend on the proportion of the space available in its application. Position, size, color and proportional relationships of the elements comprising the LexArts logo are predetermined and may not be altered.

LexArts Brand Identity Acceptable Usage


Acceptable Use

Black and Reversed: For design or budgetary reasons, reproducing the LexArts logo in color may not always be an option. In those instances the logo may be reproduced in black or reversed to white.


Background: When reproducing the LexArts logo the background must always be free of competing graphics and provide sufficient contrast for readability.


When reversing the logo, background imagery such as illustration or photography may be used as long as there is a dominant color field that provides sufficient contrast for the logo.

LexArts Brand Identity Unacceptable Usage


Unacceptable Use

1 | Do not crowd the logo with
type or graphics


2 | Do not rotate or crop the logo


3 | Do not change proportions
of the logo elements


4 | Do not apply a vertical or
horizontal scale to the logo


5 | Do not separate or remove
the logo elements


6 | Do not add a drop shadow
to the logo


7 | Do not use busy backgrounds
with competing graphics


8 | Do not use backgrounds with
low contrast affecting readability


9 | Do not use backgrounds with
similar density

LexArts Brand Identity Usage Area Of Isolation


Area Of Isolation

It is essential that the LexArts logo remain free of competing graphics, photography, typography and other corporate identities. A minimum required clear space has been established to ensure the prominence and clarity of the LexArts logo.


The width of the “S” in the LexArts logo provides the measurement for determining space around the logo, regardless of its final size.


The minimum required clear space is the distance of the width of the “S” surrounding each side of the logo to keep it clear from other type, graphics or photos. This also demonstrates where the logo may be placed on a page. The LexArts logo may not be placed closer to the edge of a page where that area is smaller than the area of isolation.

LexArts Brand Identity Usage Minimum Reproduction


Minimum Reproduction

In application across various media the logo should never be reduced smaller than its minimum reproduction. This is the smallest the logo should appear in order to retain readability and design integrity.


The minimum size of all LexArts sub brands is determined by the height of the “LEX” in LexArts, which should be NO smaller than 3/16” or .1875”. If used electronically no smaller than 14px.


Provided File Formats

Multiple file formats in the approved colors are available in high and/or low resolution for all applications. Formats available from LexArts include:


.eps or .jpg


Web, Email, Social Media
.png or .jpg


PowerPoint, Word
.jpg or .png


Copy Usage

When the organization name is referenced in copy the proper use is “LexArts” with a capital “L” and “A”, all one word.

LexArts Brand Guidelines Primary Brand Colors - Print



The CMYK values below are recommended when logos are being reproduced in digital or offset printing.

LexArts Brand Guidelines Primary Brand Colors - Digital



The RGB values below are recommended when logos are viewed on screens — such as TV, Web, social media, email, etc.