The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show

Lexington’s Ultimate Mystery Dinner Experience: The Dinner Detective Interactive Show

🔎 Uncover the Secrets!

Step into Lexington’s enigmatic world with The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show, where suspense and culinary delight intertwine. Amidst the historic ambiance of Lexington, this top-rated interactive theater event invites you to unravel a mystery while enjoying a gourmet feast that’s as enigmatic as the storyline itself.

🎭 More Than a Show – A Real-Life Adventure!

From your first step into our venue, you’re more than an audience member – you could be the detective or perhaps the culprit! As the evening progresses, immerse yourself in a live-action mystery where any person you meet could be part of the story. Could it be the seemingly innocuous couple nearby, the charming server, or perhaps… yourself?

🍽 Feast on Mystery and Gastronomy!

Indulge in a dining experience crafted by our expert chefs, where each dish serves as a clue to the mystery enveloping you. Savor the harmonious blend of flavor and intrigue, keeping your senses alert to the drama that unfolds with each course.

🕵️ Interactive Entertainment for All!

Whether you’re a seasoned sleuth or just a lover of unexpected twists, our show offers a unique adventure for everyone. Engage your detective skills, piece together the clues, and attempt to solve the mystery before the final dessert is revealed.

🎟️ Be Part of Lexington’s Acclaimed Mystery Dinner Show Due to popular demand and stellar reviews, tickets to The Dinner Detective are in high demand. Don’t miss your chance to experience an evening of laughter, suspense, and culinary excellence. Book now for a memorable night where you’re at the heart of the mystery!

The Dinner Detective in Lexington, KY: Where dining meets mystery! Join us for an unforgettable journey through intrigue and excitement, a night that’s not just an outing but a story to recount for years. Seize the opportunity to be part of Lexington’s most captivating dinner event – The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show!


Apr 13 2024


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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