Arts & Health

Arts and Health Alliance of Central Kentucky (AHACK)


Mission: To promote and integrate the arts into healthcare settings to enhance the well-being of patients, caregivers, and communities.


Vision: To advocate for the use of arts in healing, providing resources and education on the benefits of arts in health, and fostering collaborations between artists, healthcare providers, and community organizations. The Alliance strives to create a more holistic approach to healthcare that recognizes the importance of creativity and expression in promoting health and healing.


LexArts has created a local arts in health council comprised of representatives from different health institutions and artists interested in working in the healthcare environment. The arts in health council meets monthly to share arts programming ideas and plan arts engagements with staff and patients of healthcare partners. This program is made possible by a grant from CHI Saint Joseph Health.  


If you are interested in being involved with this council, please fill out this form: 



About PhotoVoice

LexArts wants you to participate in our community-wide PhotoVoice project! This project, in partnership with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, focuses on how aspects of the Lexington community affect our mental health. 


We ask that you submit photos showcasing what you consider to be strengths and concerns of our Lexington community. Along with each photo, please include a description about what that strength or concern is and how it could impact mental health, either positively or negatively.  


In November, photographs created by PhotoVoice participants may be included in an exhibition at ArtsPlace to share the work with the public. 


To submit your photos, view examples of PhotoVoice submissions and find out more information, please visit this link: 


More About PhotoVoice


The PhotoVoice method is inspired by the idea that “a photograph is worth a thousand words” and that photography can be used to create positive social change. 


PhotoVoice projects utilize a process where participants create photographs to showcase aspects of their community, environment, and daily experiences to share with others.  


The main goals of PhotoVoice projects are to help participants understand the forces and circumstances that impact their lives as well as bring about change by sharing experiences with the public and influencing policy makers. 




  • In addition to our community-wide program, we are looking for groups to participate in discussion-based PhotoVoice sessions.  
  • Participants in these sessions would meet weekly for 3-4 sessions and would be asked to strengths and concerns of our Lexington community and then discuss how those could impact mental health throughout each session.  
  • LexArts can provide cameras for groups to use and participants do not need any photography experience. In November, photographs created by PhotoVoice participants may be included in an exhibition at LexArts to share the work with the public. 


For questions or to discuss having your group involved in PhotoVoice, please reach out to our PhotoVoice Coordinator, Arden Barnes, at