Levee Collective
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Legacy Artist Residence New Works by Ella Kerlew and Eleanor Zimmerman
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Levee Collective has developed a Legacy Artist Residency program that gives free membership and dedicated workspace to a Teen, Young Adult, and Adult artist who demonstrate commitment to their work. Ella Kirlew, Levee's Young Adult Legacy Artist-in-Resident is a painter, printmaker, and creator. She studies visual art at Cornell University and is living in Lexington for the summer. During her artist residency at Levee Collective, she will create a series of artwork that follows her past, present, and future journeys, such as roadtrips across Kentucky and Virginia, hikes, and other explorations. She also plans to write as she creates her visual art. Eleanor Zimmerman, Levee's Teen Legacy Artist in Resident, enjoys pottery, embroidery, and drawing. She is taking the Middle School Art Class at Levee, and a poetry workshop with Diedre White at the Carnegie Center. During her artist residency, she will create a collaged tea pairing book, and host a tea during the Legacy Artist in Residence Reception on Sunday, July 28, 3:00 to 6:00 PM.
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Levee Collective
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Levee Collective is a place to develop your practice of making art and healing. More than what is hung on a wall or placed on a bookcase; art is intentional creative expression. It is a revolution. It is to be endured, pondered, and experienced. We are all not only artists, but it is all art. Movement is art. Cooking is art. Media is art. War is art. Grief is art. Motherhood is art. Whatever is done with great intention and care is art, and creativity is required of us all to sustain. Founded in the Spring of 2024 by Tosha Sun and Monet, Levee is an actionable step towards awareness. It is women BIPOC artists supporting and uplifting other women BIPOC artists. Inspiring creation, collaboration, care, and access to community.
607 N. Limestone St.
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