Sprout Studio
Exhibit Title
Subtle Body
Exhibit Description
For November 2024 Gallery Hop, Christine is presenting works from her "Subtle Body" series. The ‘Subtle Body’ series is a collection of sculptures and paintings that use translucent plastic resins, LED light, gold, silver and copper foils, paint and vintage medical illustrations to examine the relationship between consciousness, spirituality and the body. The series is inspired by the subjective experience of embodiment, where one person can never know what it feels like to be inside the body of another person. Using image transfer, gilding and geometric drawing and painting, I seek to explore the perceptual experience of my body physically, emotionally and energetically. What does it feel like for me to be inside my own body? Can these feelings be expressed to others through art? Hence, the series explores the meaning behind an increasingly estranged relationship to our bodies, although they are our sole means of contact with external reality.
Company / Organization
Sprout Studio
Venue Description
Artist of the private and public realms specializing in large scale mixed media murals, both interior and exterior. Lover of dogs and desserts!
161 N Mill Street
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Artist Studios participating in the 2021 LexArts HOP.