Bodley-Bullock House
Exhibit Title
"Masterpiece in the Making" by Cierra Spaulding
Exhibit Description
Join Cierra Spaulding: a multi-faceted creative, community activist, educator and life coach who uses art to demonstrate the diversity of experiences we have on our journey toward purposeful living at the Bodley Bullock House. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence for the Lexington Art League. Her featured work is a collection of acrylics on canvas paintings called “Masterpiece in the Making”. These paintings, paired with foamboard representations of hip-hop lyrics written by her husband, Emmy-award winning artist Devine Carama, were created to inspire Black women to celebrate and appreciate their individual uniqueness. Each painting features Black women of various shapes, sizes, and skin tones, and is focused on one of the artist’s guiding scriptures. This work was featured in the Lexington Art League’s 2020 Resident Artists Exhibit. Cierra shares her love for acrylic painting through artistic coaching experiences called “Masterpiece on the Move”, as the methods used in creating with this medium are so closely related to our various experiences in life.
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Bodley-Bullock House
200 Market Street
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Supporting Art Venues participating in the 2021 LexArts HOP.