Exhibit Title
The Age of Film - Solo Exhibit with Allison Maggard
Exhibit Description
The Age of Film is a collection of photographs from Allison Maggard depicting small aesthetic moments and big adventures over the years. Long before she started selling prints, Allison simply wanted to capture the events around her through photography. This gallery shows the development of that, starting with an image of her first thrifted typewriter in her dorm room in 2009 and ending with an image of Joshua Tree National Park at sunset taken in 2022. The pieces are in chronological order from left to right so you can move through time with them in the order they were taken. Allison Maggard is a photographer and dreamer living in Lexington, Kentucky and she will turn 32 while this show hangs in Base 249. Shooting on film has always been a consistent part of her photographic journey, and every year it becomes more and more a part of her art form. So the age of 32, it has been decided, is the age of film. The age of leaning into the lessons of the past, of surprises, of patience, and all of the many many beautiful things that film photography gives to us that can be wisdom as we age.
Company / Organization
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The Gallery at Base249 is a gallery space nestled within our coworking space and business lounge. A workspace by day, event space by evening - the artwork in our space is bringing art to every day life.
249 E Main St, Suite 150
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Monday - Friday 8:00a - 5:00p Evenings and Weekends for special events.
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Meredith Moore
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