Exhibit Title
Flora and Fauna featuring Mercedes Harn
Exhibit Description
"FLORA AND FAUNA” It is a fun exhibit, full color. In this event you will get to taste the love that the artist has for nature and color. Mercedes Harn, is originally from Lima Peru, she gets her inspiration for the colors of her beloved country. Join us for during LexArts Gallery Hop to see this exhibit. Stop by for a snack and drink and enjoy the vibrant colors of the show. The exhibit will be up through mid-March. Mercedes' Artist Statement To be able to capture nature on canvas is difficult, for who can do such a job? My artwork tries to interpret the best I can, nature. I tried to be inspired not only by nature itself but by color. Color odds me, mesmerizes me, brings me back to the place I was born. Each piece I made represents my love for animals and colors. I consider every piece I made a practice piece, a piece that takes me to perfection, because I consider myself an apprentice that never stops learning.
Company / Organization
Venue Description
The Gallery at Base249 is a gallery space nestled within our coworking space and business lounge. A workspace by day, event space by evening - the artwork in our space is bringing art to every day life.
249 E Main St, Suite 150
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00a - 5:00p Evenings and Weekends for special events.
Contact Name
Meredith Moore
Supporting Art Venues participating in the 2021 LexArts HOP.