Planting a seed is an act of faith in the future.

The same is true of donating to LexArts.

Every dollar you give says you believe things will take a turn for the better.

Even at a time when the present seems less than a gift.

Every dollar says you trust that happy days will be here again.

And when they are, you want the arts back in full bloom.

Tomorrow, Kentuckians have the chance to come together to support organizations that improve the quality of life for so many individuals and families across the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Gives Day is the statewide day of giving; a day when Kentuckians go online to and make donations to support hundreds of nonprofits like LexArts.
This is how you can help:
  1. Log on to
  2. Search for a favorite cause or organization (like LexArts!).
  3. Double your gift by finding your favorite LexArts Match Partner.
  4. Donate!
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.
  6. Ask 12 friends to give, too! Use email, FacebookInstagram and Twitter to help us spread the word using the hashtags #KYGives21 and #ArtsEverywhere!
Join us tomorrow – let’s make it a great day for Kentucky and for each other.