Temporarily Closed

Dear Friends of the Arts,


In response to recent news around Coronavirus (COVID-19), ArtsPlace is temporarily closed until further notice. Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors is paramount at this time. All programming and events have been cancelled or postponed through April 5. We will evaluate programming beyond April 5, as well as a reopening date, as restrictions allow.


During these challenging and anxious times, we believe the power of art can provide solace and hope. While the physical doors of Lexington’s arts organizations may be shuttered for the time being, remember that it is temporary, and that Lexington will return to its creative and vibrant self.


If you have purchased a ticket to a performance or for an event that has been canceled, we hope you’ll consider donating your ticket price to the arts organization; they’ll be needing your support more than ever.


Because this is a rapidly evolving situation and we know to expect further changes, please look for ongoing news and updates through our regular channels, including our website and social media. Thank you for your support as we work together to help our community stay safe and healthy.