Art, Appetizers, and Aperitif’s

During the enlightened era of the French salon, prominent women invited charming coteries to their homes for convivial conversations and deep discussions. In this tradition, ceramicist and painter Debbie Westerfield and her husband, Tom, graciously invite you for art, appetizers, and aperitifs at their condominium on Main. Debbie’s creations have been described as “sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful, and always striking.” One critique stated, “She deftly mixes whimsy with introspection, and her perspective is markedly witty and often reflects a certain sense of irony.” Over dining and drinks, the artist will offer insight into the inspiration for her wondrous work.

Attire: Art Inspiring

Guests: 40

Tickets: $60

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Oct 13 2023




The 500's on Main
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