Offerings: Vignettes from the Earth – Watercolors by Lexington’s Deborah Slone

These exquisite watercolor paintings are the perfect complement to an early-summer stroll downtown! Deborah Slone’s studies of flora and fauna are remarkably lifelike in their detail and translucent layering, while also charming in their intimate focus on the their subject’s personality. The bees, leaves, butterflies and flowers of Appalachia come to life before your eyes. The Mill & Max Gallery is located downtown inside the Shambhala Mediation Center and is open Sat & Sun 12pm – 3pm.

FROM THE ARTIST: In Middle English offering (offring) means ” the presenting of something to a deity; to present, bestow, bring before”.
I believe each painting begins as an offering from nature, and through my painting practice I offer the gift of these moments to others, in return. I strive to capture the transitory moments when the play of light brings a leaf or a petal into sharp relief, and creates a dramatic presence that is never exactly replicated. I view my painting life as a practice of presence and observation, which for me is paramount to the final result of any of the individual paintings. I invite you to spend time with this exhibit in a similar spirit of presence and observation.
Each painting is created using a multitude of glazes over a period of days. As the washes build up, the transparency of the watercolor mimics the play of light on the objects, and they become more complex, and the source of light more nuanced, over time. I attempt to present each object as is, in an imperfect state of being with many details that delight and surprise as a closer observation reveals them.
This exhibit is my offering to you, and I invite you to join me! – Deborah Slone

Located at the historic corner of Mill & Maxwell Streets, the non-profit Mill & Max Gallery has FREE PARKING and we’re only a 2-block walk to the heart of downtown.

NOTE: We will also have an inventory of rare and one-of-a-kind prints of our artist’s work for purchase!

We will also hold a formal Meet-The-Artist Reception on June 2nd 4:30-7:30pm,                                                          and you can sign up for a Watercolor Workshop with the Artist June 11th 2-4pm.                                                           More details at



May 28 2022


Gallery is open on Sat & Sun from 12pm - 3pm
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Mill & Max Contemplative Arts Gallery
305 W. Maxwell St., Lexington, KY


Mill & Max Gallery


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