The Jazz Lounge

At its core, Jazz is a social music. It thrives on the interactions between the band members and the audience, as well as the interconnectedness that happens within each group. Base249 and Origins Jazz Series have collaborated to create a perfect environment to allow the communal nature of Jazz to flourish. Even folks unfamiliar with Jazz will feel at home listening, hanging out, and enjoying the vibe of the space. The décor and experience will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Harlem, Greenwich Village, New Orleans or LA.
Starting in May, The Jazz Lounge will occur on the first Tuesday of every month at Base249. Each month will feature a collection of top Lexington musicians selected by Origins Jazz Series. Music will begin at 7pm but guest may arrive at 6:30pm to grab a seat and a drink. We are happy to offer this gathering without a cover charge.
One of the amazing things about The Jazz Lounge is it will be entirely ephemeral. Like the speakeasies of yesteryear, every night will be a little different. Different combinations of musicians will create different musical aesthetics and the personalities in the crowd will give a different ambiance to the room. Because of the uniquely comfortable and inviting environment, you may see musicians in the audience brought on stage to join the band for a tune or two. Or, if you are truly lucky, an entire jam session might form within the show.


Jun 07 2022


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm




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