Exhibit Title
Color Theory - Jolly | Michalski | Wainscott
Exhibit Description
COLOR IS THE REFLECTION OF LIGHT. Color and light are ephemeral, only to exist within the moment. They have a symbiotic relationship, as color cannot exist without light. Color helps us understand the world around us, changing with time, the movement of the sun and the change of seasons. Warm or cool colors can alter our mood and help us heal, and a balance of color can provide both peace and a spark of wonder. Artists use colors in a variety of ways, sometimes to describe their environment as they see it, sometimes to convey emotion, or sometimes to imagine what they see as basic elements left for interpretation. In this exhibit, Charles Jolly, Lennon Michalski & Clay Wainscott explore color as a way of creating a visual experience. The vibrant works displayed share the artists’ colorful visions of the world around them, highlighting layers of color that create a glowing effect, using layers to create a depth of field, and using color to create compositions that spark the viewer’s imagination.
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LexArts Gallery
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LexArts is Lexington’s premier cultural development, advocacy and fundraising organization working for the development of a strong and vibrant arts community as a means of enhancing the quality of life in central Kentucky.
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