21c Museum Hotel
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Labor & Materials
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'Labor & Materials’, which remains on view at 21c Lexington through November 2024, presents a thematic group exhibition of 73 multi-media artworks by 42 artists from across the globe exploring the evolution of industry and labor in the 21st century. Labor & Materials features works by three Kentucky-based artists, Bob Hower, Annie Langan, and James Robert Southard alongside Kara Walker, Vik Muniz, Lina Puerta, Pieter Hugo, Catherine Yass, Narsiso Martinez, Esmaa Mohamoud, Chris Doyle, Marina Zurkow, and many more. Exploring the evolution of industry in the 21st century, ‘Labor & Materials’ presents a precarious balance between promise and peril. Economists describe the explosion of radically new platforms and products emerging in the digital age as an inflection point: a time in human history when how we live and work is utterly transformed. What does an inflection point look like? How will the transformation of commerce and consumption affect access to goods and jobs, to information and infrastructure? Given the widespread changes generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, how work is now experienced, defined, and valued has become increasingly complex and contradictory.
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21c Museum Hotel
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What can you expect to see when you visit 21c? Nothing expected, that’s for sure. At 21c Lexington, art infuses everything we do. You’ll find it around every corner - outside to welcome you, in guest rooms, dining rooms, on the floors you walk upon and suspended from ceilings. Specially commissioned, site-specific works by some of the contemporary art world's most exciting artists can be found throughout our downtown Lexington contemporary art museum and boutique hotel. With more than 7,000 square feet of exhibition space, curiosity will lead you to discover something new around every corner. As you approach, snap a picture with Pieke Bergmans intertwined lampposts, Totally in Love, walk through the doors and find yourself immersed in the illuminated 3M dichroic acrylic crystals of SOFTlabs, Spectralline. Our galleries are open to the public 24/7, 365 and free for anyone to visit any time! 21c Lexington’s exhibitions rotate, so make plans to visit often. Currently on view is Labor & Materials, presenting 73 multi-media artworks by 42 artists from across the globe, exploring the evolution of industry and labor in the 21st century.
167 West Main Street
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Katharine Erickson, Museum Manager
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