Exhibit Title
MASCS: Masculinity Reimagined
Exhibit Description
Curated by Josh Porter ’19 MASCS: Masculinity Reimagined explores how performances of contemporary masculinities can counteract traditional, binary understandings of gender. Justin Korver, John Paul Morabito, Betsy Odom, Moises Salazar, and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell expose the ways that we culturally define masculinity and how that relates to gender performativity. These artists not only critique cisgender, heteronormative binary understandings of masculinity, but also embrace the performative nature of gender and celebrate non-normative, alternative, and queer masculinities. By encompassing a range of gender and sexual identifications, these artists share their own personal experiences, interpretations, performances, rejections, and embodiments of masculinity. Breaking down the barrier created between masculinity and femininity, they embrace feminist and queer approaches to reimagining our cultural understandings of gender. The act of queering—or a way to challenge and break down assumptions of identity and power—is a key part of the exhibition. As queering undercuts cultural authority, this exhibition works to queer masculinity toward the dismantling of patriarchal expectations, while showcasing the expression of masculinity in queer, trans, non-binary, and even cis-het individuals. MASCS uses this framework to showcase iterations of masculinity that challenge social norms surrounding gender and celebrate rebellious masculinities. The artists in this exhibition break down traditional gender-based expectations and assert the rise of more fluid understandings of masculinity. This exhibition highlights contemporary reimaginings of masculinity and the vastness of possibility within performances of gender.
Company / Organization
Morlan Gallery
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Morlan Gallery, located in the Mitchell Fine Arts Center on the historic campus of Transylvania University, presents five exhibitions of contemporary art throughout the academic year. Morlan Gallery is open
350 N. Broadway
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Monday-Friday from Noon-5:00pm
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Anthony Mead
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