Exhibit Title
Reflection Refraction Reaction
Exhibit Description
An individual and collaborative exhibition with artists Courtney Kessel, Cayla Skillin-Brauchle, and Danielle Wyckoff –– October 25 – December 3 The artists in this exhibition find common threads through feminist frameworks: their works and practices, both individual and collaborative, prioritize communication, collaboration, and care although each may manifest in wildly different ways. Whether through a respect for the distinct properties of materials as shown in sculptural and installation work, to the use of dialogue and interaction in performative work, to works on paper developed in meditative moments, to gazes and spaces documented photographically, and to zines crowdsourced to tell a fuller story and to initiate political change, the artists offer exhibition participants moments of consideration and conversation, moments of directional shifts, and moments of mutual action to create something new: reflection, refraction, reaction.
Company / Organization
Morlan Gallery
Venue Description
Morlan Gallery, located in the Mitchell Fine Arts Center on the historic campus of Transylvania University, presents five exhibitions of contemporary art throughout the academic year. Morlan Gallery is open
350 N. Broadway
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday from Noon-5:00pm
Contact Name
Anthony Mead
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