The Gallery at First Presbyterian Church
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Vinegar Painting: From Faux Graining to Modern Art - by Susan Isabel Dworkin
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Susan Isabel Dworkin has been experimenting with colonial painting techniques for twenty years. Her current endeavor is adapting vinegar painting from its traditional use on flat wooden surfaces to other mediums. To date, she remains one of the pioneers in this venture, continually exploring and adapting the technique via artist board, foam core, metal, paper, glass, and mirror. The nature of vinegar paint produces a multilayered spectrum which combines elements of impressionism, surrealism and lyrical abstractionism. “To work with vinegar paint you must open yourself to communing with the desires of the paint and flow with it.” Her paintings are suggestive of rich landscapes and fantasy realms that allow the viewer to formulate their own personal vision. In some of her previous lives, Susan received a BA in Biology, an MPA, and was a private estate gardener in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She finds color inspiration from those gardens and settings, as well as her many travels. Susan has lived in Lexington, Kentucky since 1989. For studio visits and questions, contact Susan at or call 859-389-8888 (landline) To view To view furniture and décor:
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The Gallery at First Presbyterian Church
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The gallery exhibits up to 50 pieces of art, and is equipped with gallery lighting. Exhibits vary in theme - both sacred and secular - and medium. We believe that all human creativity is an extension of being created in the image of a loving Creator.
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